My Portfolio
Design, Photography & Cinematography
In short

I’ve made this portfolio first and foremost as a showcase of my work in Design. In addition, this portfolio also functions as a report of my personal development in different expertise areas that can be assesed by coaches from my study Industrial Design at the TU/e.

I am a second year Industrial Design master student at Eindhoven University of Technology located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Within industrial design I am interested in interaction, experience and aesthetics of products. As a designer, I try to amaze, inspire and make people intrigued.
I am a photographer that is interested in creating an exciting image. Lately I've been focusing on low light photography, but other types still interest me. I like to take photos of people, ranging from portraits to more personal and artistic creations. You could describe my style as a little surreal and slightly cinematic.
Film has always been a passion of mine. Watching movies inspired me to make my own small videos. Thankfully I met a friend of the University who has the same interests in filmmaking. We started a film company together: De Filmstudio and create several videos for many different clients.
My Vision

The role of design in the technology of the 21st century has become, as I see it, the narration of a growing part of our lives. As technology conquered a place in our daily routines, the job of the designer became to shape that ‘narrative’ to be as immersive as possible, leaving distractions of the attention seeking world of notifications and intricate interactions behind. This means that technology should not be interfering with the lives of people, but rather interweaving with it through a dynamic shift across the interaction attention continuum [1].

Making most products in the everyday live practically invisible [2]. As the critical eye of the designer should seek to exert the boundary of what is considered the state of the art, the general point of attention has continuously been shifting from the aesthetics of shape, towards the aesthetics of interaction [3], now exploring the fields of the aesthetics of intelligence. Designing this field comes with many challenges in particular, as products and services become growingly complex with the implementation of intelligent agents. Therefore, it is the designer’s job to design the aesthetics of such intelligence with a critical mindset towards its implications [4], while balancing the many aspects through which this intelligence can be experienced as extension in our everyday lives.

All in all, the designers of the future would need to frame the narration of our everyday lives with well-balanced, but exciting experiences across multiple dimensions such as sound and touch. Interaction is well thought of and shifts across the interaction attention continuum, even when implementing well balanced intelligent agents that extend our capabilities in our everyday lives.

My Identity

Curiosity is what drives me in this world of endless discovery, learning and truth-seeking. As a ‘thinker’ I try to see the bigger picture and deeper meaning in most situations. With these insights I gather, I set my creative guidelines to direct my creativity towards its highest potential. That translates to a strong ideation and a smooth realization, where my imagination often flows. An eye for perfection, albeit with a balance for efficiency, depicts the rest of my work in a design process.

I take a relatively entrepreneurial approach to life, aim for ambitious goals and seek to achieve the most I possibly can. This attitude during projects makes me either a guided and controlled transformational leader in teams, or when no direct leadership is necessary a closely listening and hardworking member. When I lead teams, I aim for a calm and respectful atmosphere where I try to balance personal skillsets of team members to accomplish more effective results. My interest in design is centred around the connection between the digital and the physical. I like to create experiences and extend or enhance our everyday lives and professional work environments.

My interests reach further than design alone. The audio-visual world namely compliments my creative passion through the media of photo- and videography. The fields in between design and media, being graphic- and sound design for example, have my interest alike. From this world of ‘aesthetic communication’ [5] I bridge my storytelling abilities towards that of design to help express abstract parts of concepts and immerse users in the experiences I create.

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Many courses and projects have contributed to making me the design student that I have become today. Not only did they help to develop my skills in the different areas of expertise, but also to shape a mindset from which my professional identity and vision are build. I have always aimed towards a broad development, focusing on mastering skills and knowledge in as many areas as possible. This is something that is reflected in the electives and projects that I chose during the past few semesters.

Extra-Curricular Activities
De Filmstudio

Together with a friend, I run a videography and photography company. Since we started in April 2017 we have worked on many different projects ranging from after movies to informative videos. We  strive to create creative content in areas that are often less interesting at first sight. Clients that we work for are mainly connected to the university. However, we are expending our client group slowly to other regions. From these experiences I have improved my vision on business, by creating products that fits the client’s needs. I have learnt to better understand and communicate with clients, making creative processes more smooth and effective. Visit for more information.


UNID is a committee of study association Lucid from Industrial Design that makes a magazine twice  a year. The magazine is about Design and everything that surrounds it. For this committee I have been a media member for two years, which means that I make photos for the articles where I collaborate with other members that write and design the pages. I make photos for around four articles every issue and visit many inspiring experts for interviews and photoshoots. Since this year I am the Chief of Media. That means I coach all media members and am end responsible for all photos, videos and podcasts. For more information about the UNID magazine, visit, the website I helped to build, together with a team.


Research project

During this semester I am doing a research project on my own. Instead of delivering a product, I deliver new knowledge to the community. The core theme I wanted to explore is the field of Aesthetics of Intelligence. This field continues on the fields of aesthetics of form and aesthetics of interaction. As more and more products incorporate a form of artificial intelligence, it is important to think about how we shape the abstract and artificial “beings” that we create. The area that I explore is the implementation of culture in behavior of intelligent agents. What role, hierarchy and behavior should our voice assistant have, for example? To connect this study to my interest in film, I try to explore how designers should communicate these aspects of their (non functioning) prototypes in videos.


The research is still going on at this time. I expect to be able to showcase my results after June 11th. During my research I have made 6 different videos, showcasing different cultural aspects based on the cultural framework of Hofstede. You can watch one of the videos down here. A group of participants watched the 6 different videos, I asked the participants to rank each video on that same cultural framework and asked what aspects of the video made them give that rating. Currently, I am analyzing the results, after which I can make a framework of storytelling and cinematic recommendations for designers to communicate their prototyped agents either to other designers, team members or the outside world. The key elements of the project can be found in the ‘Past’ section of my portfolio. For now I have to wait for the assessment results. After that, I might be publishing the paper if the results are positive.

Researching the Future Everyday

Next to my research project, I follow the course “Researching the future everyday”. This course focuses on exploring how our future lives will look like and create research artifacts to create knowledge for future designs. Together with a group of 3 I am working on exploring the future of shared music listening. As we see current trends in the practice of listening to music as becoming more individualized, we extrapolated a future vision that is even more solo. Music can than possibly be composed, created and mixed by AI and make every song specifically tailored to you. The problem arises however, if you were to listen to music together. The music that you know has been made for you, no one knows the versions you like. Is it still possible to feel a certain connection between the listeners? How should this problem be solved, could AI for example help?


For now, we’ve created a concept that makes it possible for people to see variations of a song on a digital landscape. Initially they are placed on the spot that they are familiar with, but are able to see the ‘avatars’ of the other listeners and their position. They are then free to move across that landscape and alter the music that they hear themselves to match that of others. What type of behavior will emerge? Do people still feel connected? Should there be forces behavior on that landscape, with implementation of rules, or perhaps algorithms? Those are questions we are currently trying to solve. Our experiment is currently being prepared and will deploy within two weeks. Here you can see an early version of the prototyped digital landscape, made in Unity3D and synced through an online multi-player server with an actual online listener over the internet. Pay attention to how each instrumental layer of the song dynamically shifts according to the location of the blue character.


My original plan for next year was to follow an exchange program at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Although a lot of things were arranged, my visit was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, I am planning to do a project at a company in the Netherlands. Since my focus on development has lately been on aesthetics and leadership, I aim to grow more in my technology skills. As themes such as IoT and AI have been part of my list of interests lately, I would like to learn more about that. In addition, physical motion in product seems like a very interesting topic. Hopefully I will find a design studio to do such a project.

Next to my studies I want to continue to further develop my own company ‘De Filmstudio’. At this moment in time we make videos for organizations that mainly surround the TU/e. I however, have the ambition to reach out of that bubble and reach to new and bigger clients to create higher production value video productions.

After my Masters I aim to extend my study-time for a year. This to extend my knowledge and skill in a new direction and give me more time to explore what I would like to do after that. A possible new direction for the extra year of studying could be education. I have always said that teaching in front of a class is something I like to do, therefore I possibly get a certificate to be able to teach courses at high-schools.

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