Light stripes

When Your Camera Becomes Your Secondary Tool

Long exposure photos have been done many times before. But I felt that this technique could be used in a different way. I placed my camera on a tripod and aimed it at the model. The key here is that the surrounding area is completely dark, creating new possibilities for artificial light to make the photo.

My primary tool was a flashlight, with which I “painted” the light on the model. This way I could only expose the right parts of the photo. Playing with the angle of the light beam and the distance to the model, I could determine the amount of lines that are visible on the photo. Each photo took around 20 seconds to make. The funny thing is that the model could move continuously, since only the part that was exposed by the flashlight are captured by the camera. We tried different locations and different lighting situations, but only few situation turned out to work.

Model: Maud Berbé

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