Moment mug

  • Client

    Zwart-wit Koffie

  • Course

    Design for the Here and the Now

  • Coach

    Pierre Lévy

  • Collaboration

    Moos van der Bijl, Kayla Fenwick, Vimukthi Gunatilleke, Jori van der Kolk & Emiel Sietsma

Drinking coffee isn’t just tasting the beverage the barista made for you. Great a great coffee drinking experience consists of so much more. The moment you walk into a coffee bar you feel the warmth, hear people talking, smell the great aromas of the coffee beans and see the specially designed interior. Many people know this enjoy it every time they sit down at their favorite coffee place. However, when we order a coffee to go, we accept a damp cardboard cup that smells like glue and drink our cappuccino with a perfect layer of foam and beautifully crafted latte art by the barista through a tiny cut out in a plastic cap. Where did the whole experience go?

The Moment Mug is a take away cup that brings back the coffee drinking experience to your to go beverage. First of all, the cup is made out of plastic and can be reused many times. This way we reduce waste and make people bond with their own personal cup. They top of the cup is completely see-through, making the latte art that is made by the barista ready to be admired. In addition, the transparent parts are interchangeable and have a song tile and artist engraved in it. This gives the opportunity for the barista to replace the top part with the title and artist of the song that is playing the moment the coffee was ordered. The bottom of the cup is made out of grinded coffee beans, adding texture and a scent of coffee. Also this part can be swapped if the cup needs to be cleaned. The cup itself has a small window through which you can see your drink. The top is rotatable, which reveals more of your drink and the amount of foam that you ordered. The rotation is guided by magnets which make you feel where the top should be placed for optimal comfort. The place where you drink out of is large, so you can easily drink your beverage, including the foam. Now every time you order your coffee to go, you take a bit of the coffee bar with you, including the perfect coffee drinking experience.

The product was developed by 6 Industrial Design students over a period of 7 weeks. In the beginning we used low-fi prototyping using cheap materials, but later on used 3D-printing and laser cutting using for a better finish. During that process, I learnt about the use of design frameworks, fast prototyping methods and design with the use of 3D-printers.


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